• Automobile Collisions
Rear End Collision
If you have sustained injuries in an auto collision, we make sure that you present all potential claims and that past and future medical expenses are covered.  Anthony Crawford & Associates is experienced in handling automobile accidents and assisting victims recover all of the compensation they deserve as a result of their injuries.
We are effective negotiators but are prepared to take your case to trial if necessary.  Your car injuries and financial compensation are our concern.  We understand the pain, stress, and uncertainty that a vehicular collision can cause to an injured person and his or her family
Our job is to find the responsible parties in your case.  We will look to any insurance company that may be involved, including the other driver's insurance carrier or your own.  We may be able to find fault in a government entity or a driver’s employer.  There are often multiple sources of compensation, and we will pursue all avenues of potential recovery on your behalf.  At Anthony Crawford & Associates our goal is to protect your rights and claims.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.
Truck Accident
A trucking accident can be far more catastrophic than other motor vehicle accidents.  If you or a loved on was injured in a truck accident, we can recover maximum compensation for you.  Truck accident litigation is often complex because it can deal with trucking companies, commercial insurance policies, and multiple insurance carriers. We identify every source of recovery for your injuries. We will seek maximum compensation for your past and future medical expenses, including long term care, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.  If you have lost a loved one, we will aggressively pursue recovery in a wrongful death action.
Our litigation team will investigate your accident to gather the evidence you need to successfully prosecute your claim. Collision investigation of can include site inspections, interviews and the securing of witnesses statements and retention of expert witnesses, such as safety engineers or accident reconstructionists.  With our perseverance, skill, and experience, you can be confident that we will present you case and obtain the maximum available recovery for you.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.
Motorcycle Accident
Motorcycle accidents usually cause catastrophic injuries to the rider.  Anthony Crawford & Associates has over 29 years representing severely injured persons and their family members to obtain compensation for their past and future medical expenses, loss of past and future earnings, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.  Recovery in a motorcycle accident can be difficult without experienced counsel as juries may be less sympathetic to motorcycle drivers.  Anthony Crawford & Associates will use their legal skills in bringing and investigating cases in support of motorcycle collision victims to make sure they recover full compensation under the law.
Bicycle Hit By Car Collision
Vehicular collisions involving cyclists or pedestrians are often the most catastrophic of motor vehicle collisions.  Often bicycle collisions and pedestrian/vehicle collisions result in the wrongful death of the bicyclist or pedestrian.
These collisions may involve:
•      Drivers who fail to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk
•      Inattentive drivers on a cell phone
•      Drivers turning right without looking to the right immediately before the turn 
•      Inattentive drivers who do not see children, pedestrians or bicyclists in the street
•      Drivers who fail to stop at a stop sign or a red light
     Anthony Crawford & Associates understands the extensive recovery from injuries that is frequently needed for pedestrian collision victims.  Complex medical treatment, extended hospital stays, physical therapy treatment and time missed from work are often required to fully heal from the injuries.  At Crawford & Stage, we have the legal knowledge and experience to pursue all available compensation in a personal injury or wrongful death case for you and your family.  At Anthony Crawford & Associates our goal is to protect your rights and claims.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278
Slip and Fall
Injuries resulting from a property owner’s failure to maintain his or her property in a reasonably safe condition can be serious and permanent.  Many injuries resulting from slip and fall incidents such as fractures, spinal injuries, or severe head trauma can be prevented if premises are properly inspected and maintained. Anthony Crawford & Associates will aggressively pursue actions against negligent property owners for allowing dangerous conditions to exist on their property.
If you have sustained an injury resulting from inadequate lighting, faulty stair railings, or a failure to guard against a spill or another dangerous condition, Anthony Crawford & Associates will aggressively pursue a case against the negligent owner.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278
We also represent clients in cases involving serious personal injuries due to the following:
•      Semi tractor-trailer collisions
•      Delivery truck collisions
•      Tire blowout or separation 
•      Bus collisions
•      Drunken driving Collisions
•      Automobile defects

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