Wrongful Death
      Vehicle Rollovers
      Dog and Animal Attacks
     Medical Malpractice
      Product Liability
•      Wrongful Death
wrongful death
If your loved one was killed in a motor vehicle collision, an aviation/aircraft disaster, through medical negligence, in a construction accident, or as a result of a defective product, we understand that legal action is not foremost on your mind.  You may have legal grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit, and a timely investigation is important before filing a claim.  We fight to hold all of the negligent parties responsible and will pursue full and fair compensation.  Anthony Crawford & Associates will assist and guide you in all aspects of the case.  Please call us today at (888) 338-1278 for a free consultation to discuss your rights as a surviving family member to pursue compensation.  There are no attorney’s fees and you pay no costs unless we obtain compensation for you.  We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for fatalities caused by the negligence of others.  We understand that the sudden death of a spouse, child or parent is overwhelming.
traumatic brain injury
A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often the result of a high force vehicle collision.  When the impact is severe, the brain can suffer serious bruising or bleeding.  When an accident results in a traumatic brain injury, the accident victim may likely never be the same.  His or her entire family must learn to deal with the challenges life following a brain injury.  People who suffer a traumatic brain injury may require wide-ranging medical treatment and long term care.  We work with life care specialists, home health care specialists and other trained professionals to determine the full range of the injured person’s future needs.   
If you or a loved one has received a spinal cord injury or a severe neck or back injury, call us right away to confer about your case.  Damage to the spinal cord can cause a loss of function and movement in the extremities and other parts of the body.  While the spinal cord is within a column of vertebrae, the force of a major auto collision or other severe accident can be sufficient to fracture a vertebra, pinch or sever a nerve or bruise the spinal cord.  Anthony Crawford & Associates is experienced in representing people who have:
     •      Paraplegia or quadriplegia
     •      Pressure on the spinal cord caused by a herniated disc
     •      Paralysis or other nerve damage caused by spinal compression
People with spinal cord injuries, in addition to their physical recovery, will likely have many present and future needs.  Many spinal cord injury victims require a future Life Care Plan to provide for their future needs.  Anthony Crawford & Associates works with leading experts in related fields to provide our clients with the support they need.  We fight for the compensation that will provide for those needs.
 •      Vehicle Rollovers
car turned upside down
When a vehicle rolls over in a crash, the vehicle roof and support pillars must be capable of protecting the vehicle occupants.
We pursue negligent drivers and manufacturers responsible for the injuries and fatalities caused by defective vehicle parts.  At Anthony Crawford & Associates, we represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits stemming from vehicle rollover incidents.  We work with tire experts, design experts, accident reconstruction engineers, and other expert witnesses to prove that driver negligence and/or defective products caused the collision or incident and contributed to the injuries related to the vehicle roll over.  Additionally, we work with economists, home health care providers and vocational rehabilitation experts to establish the current and future needs of injured clients so that we can pursue a full and proper financial recovery on their behalf.
Rollover accidents often involve manufacturing defects or defective products:
Roof crush: In rollover accidents, the greatest impact is often on the roof.  If the vehicle has a defective design which weakens the roof structure, the roof may cave in, crushing the passengers.
Tire defects: Rollover accidents can be caused by defective tires. For example, in certain a defect in the tires can cause the tread to spread or separate and contribute to an increase in rollover accidents.
SUV wheel base: Several recent vehicle recalls have been related to the wheel base of SUVs which are too narrow for the height of the vehicle.
Your recovery and compensation are our primary objective. At Anthony Crawford & Associates our goal is to protect your rights and claims.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.
•      Dog and Animal Attacks
Dog Attack
An animal attack or dog bite can be physically and emotionally shocking to any victim.  It is necessary that you pursue all potential claims and identify the animal and its owner, as well as insurance companies involved to properly proceed with your claim. Anthony Crawford & Associates has the necessary experience and will investigate the facts to protect the legal rights of our clients.
We assist our clients in securing the professional services needed to recover from this type of injury including reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, counseling for emotional trauma, and other appropriate care.  Call us for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.  Also see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this website concerning the liability of dog owners and handlers.
•      Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice
At Anthony Crawford & Associates, we have extensive experience in the area of medical malpractice.  We help victims of medical malpractice seek compensation from health care professionals who do not take responsibility for their negligence and mistakes which can cause severe life altering injuries.  Contact Anthony Crawford & Associates today for a free consultation regarding medical malpractice which may have caused injuries to you or a loved one.
We work directly with leading medical experts who have testified in court in medical malpractice cases regarding care and treatment below the standard of care in the community.  These doctors include medical school professors, neurosurgeons, orthopedists, neurologists, psychologists and other physicians who have  testified in court in malpractice cases.
•      Product Liability
Product Liability
An injury caused by a defective product can be catastrophic, even fatal.  Anthony Crawford & Associates can assist you in product liability cases involving:
•      Aviation/Aircraft Accidents
•      Unsafe toys
•      Recalled drugs
•      Automobile defects
•      Electrical malfunction
•      SUV rollover
•      Heating devices
•      Wrongful death
We have represented clients in cases related to consumer safety and recovered significant compensation for persons injured by defective products.  We look to any and all liable persons or companies to identify proper sources of financial recovery for our clients.  Call Anthony Crawford & Associates for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.
        Other Catastrophic Injuries
Catastrophic Injury
We also represent clients in case involving serious injuries due to the following:
•      Pool Incidents/Drowning
•      Quadriplegia
•      Burn Injuries
•      Electrocutions
•      Amputations
•      High Falls
•      Railroad Catastrophes
•      Amusement Park Injuries
•      Tire Failure/Tread Separation
•      Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
•      Toxic Exposure


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) is a condition that causes severe pain that is out of proportion to the severity of the specific injury.  It is an extremely painful neurological condition that can affect one's skin, muscle, joints and bones.  CRPS usually follows some type of traumatic event to a part of the body.  The trauma can be severe, such as a broken bone; however, CRPS can also develop following instances of minor trauma.
Symptoms of CRPS can include any of the following:
  • burning pain
  • increased skin sensitivity
  • skin temperature changes
  • skin color changes
  • nail and growth changes
  • stiffness and swelling in the affected joints
  • decreased movement in the affected parts of the body


The proper diagnosis of CRPS can be a difficult  ordeal for a physician not familiar with the condition.  Generally, the diagnosis is    made through the taking of an accurate history of the trauma and symptoms.  An accurate diagnosis is further complicated by the fact that many of the symptoms of CRPS overlap with symptoms of the original traumatic event.  If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy following any type of trauma due to the negligence of another, call Anthony Crawford & Associates for a free consultation (888) 338-1278.